Today’s Monday. Throughout the country, motivated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are hitting the ground running on what they hope will be a productive week. We’re looking to make deals and take steps to get us closer to our ideal lifestyle. We’re excited and ready to work.
But how many of these Type-A entrepreneurs have taken the time to set the table for the week? Have we taken a close look at our weekly goals and their corresponding tasks? Are we sure we’re working on the right things?
Take a minute to sit back and look at your week from the “10,000 foot” level. What is it you want to accomplish? What are your major goals? Can you narrow down your week to the “One Thing” that will make your week a success? I encourage you to give it a shot. Identify the one thing that, if accomplished, would make your other goals easier to accomplish or not necessary at all. You may be surprised¬†at what you discover.
This exercise helps to drive our actions throughout the week. Instead of jumping head first into our weekly task list, take some time to ensure that your limited energy is being allocated to the most appropriate priorities.
In most cases, there are a few key actions that will drive the success of our week. Resist the temptation to work on easy, menial and/or tedious tasks. Often the “One Thing”¬†can bring about resistance and anxiety. Break through! If you continue to put it off, your week may be filled with action…but empty of results.
Set the Table with One Thing per Week

One thought on “Set the Table with One Thing per Week

  • September 3, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Great advice: Will give it a try. Appreciate your podcast on Biggerpockets.


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