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I'm Nick Baldo

I've spent years helping businesses become more efficient and profitable. As an Operations Consultant, I worked with Fortune 100 companies to eliminate waste and optimize the use of technology. I then brought my knowledge to entrepreneurship and the world of real estate investing.

I've wholesaled, rehabbed, managed rental units and built a high-end home remodeling business. I've done all of this while leveraging technology and business processes to grow and scale. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs navigate the complex and ever-changing technology landscape.

My team and I would love to help you...ready to get started?

Entrepreneurship is a journey.
Check out what I've been up to so far...

After graduating college, I jumped right into living the "corporate dream". As a Strategy/ Operations consultant for IBM I traveled the world to help major corporations identify waste and streamline their processes. The job was awesome...but I knew I couldn't do it forever. In 2014 Meghan and I made the decision for me to leave IBM to focus on my own businesses.

My business partner and I started NY Home Solutions in 2011. We fixed and flipped a few houses a year and started to learn the huge benefits of holding rental properties. The first few years were a certainly a learning experience! We made just about every mistake in the book...only to acknowledge and document those mistakes and continuously build our knowledge and expertise. We eventually got the hang of it and each project was bigger, better and more profitable.

In 2014 we decided it was time; time to leave our traditional jobs and commit our lives and well-being to entrepreneurship. We went full time and haven't looked back. Our primary focus is renovating and holding multi-unit properties. We constantly seek out ways to make our processes more efficient, automated and scaleable. NY Home Solutions remains the cornerstone of our business endeavors.

I've learned a lot throughout my entrepreneurial journey. So much so that I feel I can no longer keep it all in my head! That's precisely why I created Income Digs. Income Digs is my way to share my experience and knowledge. Its really a win win. For one, I get the opportunity to document my learnings to track my business progression. In turn, I get to help other entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. 

I never had specific, tangible intentions for Income Digs. As I grow, it will grow with me. I'm sure the focus and priorities will continue to evolve over time. I welcome your feedback and appreciate you joining me on this journey.

I'm super excited about Oakvale Homes & Development! Our latest venture is a high-end residential remodeling/ home building company! The company spawned out of us getting countless requests to perform residential remodels. People had seen our work with NY Home Solutions and wanted the same quality craftsmanship in their homes. 

In 2017 we dove right in and started to focus on the Oakvale brand. It has been amazing to bring high-quality, customer-focused remodeling services to Western New York homeowners. This industry is ready for revolution, and we want to be part of it. 

Homeowners are sick of unprofessional contractors who never return calls, leave a giant mess at the job site and are disrespectful to their customers. We're on a mission to change all of that! We feel that you deserve high quality work with a 100% focus toward your complete satisfaction. 2018 is bound to be an amazing year as Oakvale continues to grow and evolve. 

...and this is Meghan. 

Meghan is my wife and steadfast travel partner! I would be nowhere without her support! In early 2014, Meghan and I sat down to have a very serious talk about our future. We both decided that my career as a traveling consultant was not sustainable. We agreed that I would leave my six-figure income to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship.  Our marriage was barely 3 months old...and we were taking a huge risk. 

Looking back we have absolutely no regrets! My businesses have grown and evolved and our finances are secure. 

We absolutely love to travel. It's become an addiction. This is why we both love entrepreneurship. When you work for yourself...and find success, you have the power to define your working hours and geographic location.

We're on a mission to see the world, enjoy new experiences and continuously learn and grow from other cultures!


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