Podio for Real Estate Investing - Globiflow Manual Flows

If you're not using Globiflow in your Podio system...you need to start! This video gives a quick intro to Globiflow and explains the important of adding "manual flows" to your arsenal

Globiflow is an amazing tool to help you automate your business. What a lot of investors fail to realize...is that its REALLY EASY TO USE! Give it a try for yourself and let us know how you do. More videos to come! 

Podio for Rehab Project Management - Getting Started w/ the Google Sheet Template

Podio is an amazing tool for project management...especially if you're managing residential rehabs! Income Digs is on verge of releasing a brand new Podio Template: Podio for Rehab Project Management! Included within this package is a super useful Google Sheet template to help you quickly get your projects up and running. This video dives into how easy it is to use this template and build super powerful Google Sheet Pivot tables! Interested in getting the Podio template? Email me directly at nick@incomedigs.com . Enjoy!

Wholesaling Automation with Wholesale Hacker!

Its 2018 and there's no better time to work on automating your business! Many of you have asked me for a pre-built Podio Automation tool for your wholesaling business. Well, I'm no expert when it comes to Wholesaling....but lucky for us, I recently met Mike DeFrancisis. 

Mike has spent hours building an amazing Wholesaling Automation tool in Podio. I've seen this thing working and it is the real deal! Check out my short interview with Mike and be sure to check out Wholesale Hacker (Enter code "Baldo" to save 15%!)

Why reinvent the wheel...Mike has done all the work. You can own this system to start automating your business today! 

Real Estate Accounting - Sale of Property - Part 5

You made it to the finish line! Time for all that hard work to pay off. Check out how to record a journal entry for the sale of your property

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Real Estate Accounting - Rehab & Draws (Part 4)

Real Estate Accounting - Sale of Property - Part 5

Real Estate Accounting – Rehab & Draws (Part 4)

You’ve purchased your property and accounted for the transaction on your books. Now its time to get to work! Learn how to account for rehab costs and draws from the bank!

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Real Estate Accounting – Sale of Property – Part 5

Podio for Project Management – Globiflow & Calendar Colors

Podio is a great Project Management tool – it not only enable a team to work in a shared space but it also allows the project manager to organize tasks and activities in a calendar.

As the business grows, the calendar gets busy as well. In order to ensure a clear view of projects and deliverables in a quick glance, assigning colors is advantageous. Thus, Podio’s new “Color in Calendar” feature proves to be very useful.

And to further superpower this feature, this video will demonstrate how Globiflow aids in automating color assignment in calendar entries for efficient task management.

Podio for Life – Integrating MapMyFitness with Podio

We all know the importance of Work + Life = Balance and being healthy is a huge part of professional success. As a Real Estate Entrepreneur as in any other start up and even full blown successful businesses, there is a tendency for days to get so busy that we ran out of time for important things or lose track of goals outside work.

If you’ve ventured into Real Estate Investing (REI), chances are you have tried to save hours automating business processes and delegating tasks to ensure optimal utilization of your day. Right now, one of the best tools that benefit us a lot are CRMs such as Podio. Today, we’ll learn more on how we can maximize Podio usage not only for entrepreneurial applications but for an array of personal endeavors such as Health & Fitness. So, on this video tutorial, we cover how to integrate MapMyFitness with Podio and discuss how to automatically log work out or train sessions to track progress by using Zapier.

At the end of the day, working HARD produce results but working SMARTER gets you there even faster.

After watching this video tutorial, you should be able to:

Integrate MapMyFitness with Podio
Use Zapier to collect information from MapMyFitness to Podio
Create seamless automation and track workout using MapMyFitness to a Podio Calendar under a Fitness app