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How to Record Mortgage Payments in Quickbooks Online


Mortgage Payments can get complicated. We have interest, principal...sometimes even an escrow account. But we need QBO to accurately reflect our mortgage balance. Check out this video where I show you exactly how to add mortgage payments to your books (I even include a game-changing shortcut!)

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How to Deal with Owner Investment and Spending in Quickbooks Online


Every business owner will contribute cash to their own business. This can come in the form of a capital infusion, or just using your personal card for business expenses. This video demonstrates how to track such expenses in QBO.

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Journal Entry Correction & Depreciation

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2021

You can't always get your books 100% accurate throughout the year. Of course we should have day to day processes to help reduce the need for reconciliation...but we'll always have a bit of cleanup.

Luckily for us, we can make use of Journal entries to help move things around and make corrections. We will always need journal entries for transactions like tracking depreciation...but we can also use it for quick fixes. Check out this quick lesson from Real Estate Accounting Bootcamp...make sure you're comfortable making journal entry corrections! 

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Quickbooks for Real Estate: Don’t Make this Mistake


Your Chart of Accounts is the backbone of your bookkeeping architecture. Don’t fall into the trap of creating a “one-dimensional” COA. Prepare your business to scale with a 2-dimensional Chart of Accounts.

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Quickbooks Online: Transferring Funds between Entities

quickbooks Jun 11, 2021

Multiple Businesses in one QBO Plus Subscription!!! Such a game-changer! But there's a MUST be careful with inter-company transactions. Watch this video and you'll be all set!

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How to Buy, Develop and Sell Vacant Land in Quickbooks Online

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2021

You bought the land, you’ve built the house, you’ve sold that house…but how do you accurately record all these events in your accounting books?? Check out this end-to-end video where I show you exactly how to record the purchase, development, and sale of vacant land in Quickbooks Online.

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Podio Best Practice - Importing to Update Items

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

I do this on every single Podio build! Importing data is actually the fastest and easiest way to update a bunch of Podio data all at once. Learn how to “stamp” the unique ID of a Podio item so that you can use it as a primary key upon importing.

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Super-Power your Data with Google Sheets (and STOP using MS Excel!)


Google Sheets continues to impress me! When I first discovered Google Sheets ~10 years ago, I thought "Really convenient...but it can't do much". Ever since then, Google has continuously improved its product to create a powerful analytics engine. 

In this video I demonstrate the immense power of "Slicer" to visualize and filter your data set! 

(NOTE - I make mention of a supplemental video on exporting data from QBO into Google Sheets....check that video out here: External Reporting)

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How to Integrate Buildertrend with Quickbooks Online


Buildertrend is an amazing tool for planning and managing rehab projects. The feature that pushes BT over the top is its seamless integration with QuickBooks Online. In this video, I’ll show you how to setup that integration for a consistent harmony between project management and accounting tools

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How to Analyze Rehab Projects

real estate rehab Aug 28, 2020

Download the Rehab Analyzer here:

Check out this super thorough excel tool for analyzing rehab properties! Nail your next flip and impress your investors!

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