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Quickbooks for Real Estate - Dealing with Unapplied Cash Payments


QBO is invaluable when it comes to prepping for taxes. But what are those weird "Unapplied Cash Payments" all about? In this video, I shed some light on these elusive accounts to help you understand why they occur and how to deal with them.

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How to Add Tax Write Offs into Quickbooks/ Dealing with Intercompany Commingling

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2020

What happens when you use your personal card for business expenses? Or you use one business card to pay for the expenses of a different business?? We've all done it...it's an unavoidable mistake for all entrepreneurs. In this video, I demonstrate how to account for these transactions in QBO without creating a mess in your Balance Sheet!

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How to Enter Deposits from Property Managers using Quickbooks Online


You’ve hired a property manager...but you still need to track your rental revenue and expenses. In this video, I demonstrate how you can translate your Property Management statements directly to QBO

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Globiflow 101: Triggers & Basic Automations

globiflow podio Jan 31, 2020

The power of Podio depends on the ability to create robust and reliable automated workflows through Globiflow. The good news: Globiflow is easy! In this video, I demonstrate three foundational building blocks of any solid Globiflow system!

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How to use Zapier to Create a Google Doc from Data Stored in Podio


Automate your document creation process! In this video, I show you how to connect Podio with Google docs (via Zapier) to generate documents from pre-formatted templates. You can even embed the doc back to Podio for in-item editing! Really slick!

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Income Digs' Loan Repayment Calculator

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

What if you could throw a few extra dollars toward paying off your real estate loans each month? How fast would you eliminate your debt...how much interest would you save? This super helpful calculator provides all those answers! Follow along as I show you how to use this powerful Loan Repayment Calculator!

Download the calculator here:  http://bit.ly/2QNV6b8

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How to Create a Markdown Table on Podio

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2020

Podio relationships are super powerful, but displaying the data correctly can be a nightmare! Check out this powerful trick of using “markdown tables” to display and link to related items

Calculation Formula:
var url = "https://podio.com/incomedigscom/rehab-project-mgmt/apps/tasks/items/"
var status = @All of Status
var url2 = "https://podio.com/incomedigscom/rehab-project-mgmt/apps/tasks"
var title = "["+"TASKS"+"]("+url2+")"

var markdownTable = "| "+title+" | Priority|"+"| Assigned To|"

markdownTable+= "\n" +"|------------------------|:--------------:| -------: |";

for(i=0; i<@All of Title.length; i++) {
if(status[i]=="Incomplete") {


markdownTable +="\n |"+"[" + @All of Title[i] + "](" +url + @All of Unique ID (Hidden)[i] + ")" + " | " + @All of Priority[i] + " | " + @All of Assigned to:[i] + "|"

if(@All of Title.length==0) {""} else markdownTable

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How to Use Open Balance Equity

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2020

Congratulations! You've finally decided to make the move to Quickbooks Online! But what about all your historical financial data!? Do you really have to go through and add all of that to QBO?? No! Make use of "Open Balance Equity" to start your QBO journey with accurate account balances.

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How to record a “BRRR” Investment In QuickBooks Online! (Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Rent)

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

One of my favorite investment strategies is the “BRRR” method! (That’s Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Rent). But how do you deal with all of that in QBO? This video answers that exact question! I demonstrate how to record the purchase of a property with a hard money lender, renovate using a construction loan and refinance with a conventional bank! Enjoy!

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Set up an Advanced Amortization Schedule


Per your specific request, here is a super helpful tutorial on how to set up an Advanced Loan Amortization Schedule in Google Sheets (or excel). This lesson demonstrates how to account for additional principal payments throughout the loan. Play with the numbers to figure out your revised payment schedule and how much you can save over the course of the loan!

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