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How to Edit Existing Podio Items with Momentum Dynamic Forms!

momentum tools podio Jun 12, 2020

Link to Momentum Tools: https://bit.ly/IDformtool 

Web forms have always been a great way to add new items to your database. But what if you could edit existing Podio items with a Web Form? Momentum Dynamic Forms makes it possible! In addition to being an amazing tool for creating powerful web forms, Momentum allows you to create a completely new user experience for both Podio and non-Podio users. Give it a try!

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Globiflow 101: Triggers & Basic Automations

globiflow podio Jan 31, 2020

The power of Podio depends on the ability to create robust and reliable automated workflows through Globiflow. The good news: Globiflow is easy! In this video, I demonstrate three foundational building blocks of any solid Globiflow system!

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How to use Zapier to Create a Google Doc from Data Stored in Podio


Automate your document creation process! In this video, I show you how to connect Podio with Google docs (via Zapier) to generate documents from pre-formatted templates. You can even embed the doc back to Podio for in-item editing! Really slick!

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Podio App-Based Tasks and Checklists


 So many of our businesses are run off of repeatable processes and checklists. We’ve come up with a really cool way to automate this with Podio and Globiflow. Want to give it a try? Get in touch and we can talk about getting this exact framework into your workspace!

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How to Integrate Quickbooks Online with Podio - Using Zapier


Quickbooks Online is an amazing tool for tracking the financials of your Property Management business. But QBO falls short in many other operational areas. Workflow automation software like Podio can help to fill in these gaps. This video demonstrates how to integrate Podio with QBO. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless with an integration this powerful. Stay tuned for additional use cases as to how we can leverage the powerful functionality of many different Property Mgmt Software services!

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