Join my LIVE to learn 3 Bookkeeping Secrets to Grow and Scale your Building Business

We're going to breakdown three essential strategies that you absolutely NEED in your building/ remodeling/ flipping business...

We have a few days/ times available: 

- Tue 11-July @ 3PM ET
- Wed 12-July @ 4PM ET
- Tue 18-July @ 5PM ET

In this Workshop, you'll learn:

How to setup QBO to automatically track a crucial financial KPI 

The "Bulletproof Strategy" for Cost Codes and Project Costing

How to create automatic and dynamic business reports

This Workshop is a Must-Attend if...

  • You own a building/ remodeling business and you manage your books (or you are a bookkeeper for an builder/ remodeler/ investor)
  • You lack clarity on the correct way to organize you books and how to categorize transactions
  • You want to be able to trust your numbers so you can make key business decisions (THIS IS HUGE)

A Personal Invitation

I’ve been helping Real Estate investors and small business owners effectively leverage software and technology for over ten years. The strategies I teach are the exact tactics I’ve implemented into my own businesses. I can't wait to see you in the workshop!