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  • Industry-best Podio architecture
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  • Video Training included!
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All your property data...right at your fingertips

Know where you stand with all the properties you manage. No more guesswork, no more paper. Everything updated and accessible on the cloud.

Realtime unit information ..always accurate

Your property management system should have key information readily available whenever you need it. Gone are the days of spending hours to generate your property rent roll.

Manage your work flow

Built-in workflows make you a better, more organized project manager. See the work coming up for you and your team. Move items to closure and take back control of your rental properties. 


I believe in a solid, well-thought out foundation for your Podio Architecture.

I've worked with hundreds of Real Estate Investors to perfect their Podio workspace setup. I've taken what I've learned and built a bullet-proof Podio workspace that will automate and optimize your work

Simply put, I believe in giving you the tools to automate your project management process and grow your business.


The Podio for Property Mgmt App Package comes jam-packed with a ton of built-in features and functionality

Monitor your Properties

Understand the high level view of your assets. Manage property-specific information

Track Your Rental Units

View your rental portfolio at a glance. Automatically generate your rent roll

Tenant CRM

Manage your incoming Tenant pipeline. Fill prospective tenants to open vacancies

Close Vacancies

Quickly see what vacancies are coming up or overdue. Proactively market your units to close these vacancies.

Manage your Calendar

Track showings and lease signing appointments with your tenants

Track Leases

Keep a record of leases assigned to each tenant. The system does the work in determining each unit's occupancy status

Manage Monthly Payments

Organize recurring invoices to tenants. Understand who owes you and how much you are owed

Broadcast to your Tenants

Send SMS Text Messages and Mass emails directly from the system with the Broadcasts app

Track Maintenance Requests to Completion

A Tenant web form feeds the Work Orders app. Schedule work and push items to closure

Manage Daily Tasks

Assign and monitor tasks throughout your organization. One source of truth for everyone's to-do list

Communicate With Your Team

Get out of your inbox! Use podio's built-in commenting and chat features to communicate with team members


After placing your order, you should have your working workspace and workflows within ~24 hours. We manually test the workflows to make sure everything is in good working order!

You need Podio Premium to use the template. This allows us to utilize the super powerful functionality of Globiflow

No! You pay a one time fee and the template and all the powerful workflows are yours forever! You just need to maintain your premium subscription to Podio.

Yes! The workspace is yours. That means that you are free to add apps, connect to other workspaces, configure new workflows, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

Yes! We are happy to help you customize. Get in touch so that we can discuss your specific needs!

Yes! We have a comprehensive video training series available to all who purchase the workspace template.

We stand by our product and we're here make sure everything is in good working order. Should you encounter a bug of any sort, we will fix it for free within 24 hours. 


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