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Podio Navigation - How to Use Hyperlinks to Jump Between Apps

Uncategorized May 15, 2020

Podio’s user interface can be a major limitation. Apps with a high amount of data can lead to endless scrolling/ getting lost while navigating between app relationships. In this video, I demonstrate how to automatically link apps together and navigate between them with hyperlinks! This allows you to keep your apps simple and only navigate to the supplemental data when you need to!


var dealunique = @Unique ID (Hidden)
var aptunique = @APPOINTMENT UNIQUE
var inspectunique = @INSPECTION UNIQUE
var estimateunique = @ESTIMATE UNIQUE

var deal = "[DEAL]("+dealunique+")"

var apt = "[APT]("+aptunique+")"

var ins = "[INSPECTION]("+inspectunique+")"

var est = "[ESTIMATE]("+estimateunique+")"

"# DEAL \n---"+
+ deal+ " | " + apt +" | " + ins +" | " + est


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